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Delivery Conditions

Summary of the page:

Paintings purchased on the website of the artist Solomon ROSSINE can be delivered in France and internationally. "Shipping is offered to all European countries"(need accordance from Glacha). For all other countries, there is a charge for shipping, mainly due to customs fees.

Shipping and delivery of works

  • Hand delivery (e.g. during a public or private exhibition): the artist will give the client a collection voucher against signature.

  • Registered COLISSIMO with acknowledgement of receipt, including insurance: delivery method valid only if the customer resides within the European Union. The customer will be delivered to the address mentioned on the order form by COLISSIMO. If the customer is absent, he/she will receive a delivery notice allowing him/her to collect the parcel from the nearest post office within a period of fifteen days. In the event that the customer has any doubt whatsoever about the condition or content of the parcel, he/she must apply the Colissimo procedure (in particular report any damage due, any complaints and reservations), refuse the goods by immediately issuing a statement of anomaly to the Post Office employee (statement No. 170) and report these incidents to the artist.

  • Specialised carrier (e.g. UPS, DHL,...) if the client lives abroad (outside the European zone). Given the value of the works, it is specified that the parcels be delivered to the addressees in person only, unless the client has given the artist a power of attorney by email, mentioning the first name and surname of the person responsible for receiving the paintings on his behalf, in his absence (e.g.: concierge, etc.). The artist cannot be held responsible in the event of theft, if this precaution is not respected.

General Conditions

The artist undertakes to deliver to the customer as soon as his account is credited, either :

  • as soon as the order is placed, if the payment is made online on the website via PAYPAL;

  • within fifteen days, in case of payment by bank transfer or check.

The artist cannot be held responsible for possible delays in delivery due to the post office or any other carrier.

In order to simplify and secure deliveries, the client is asked to check:

  • the completeness, accuracy and conformity of the information provided at the time of the order, particularly concerning the delivery address. Indeed, the artist could not be held for person in charge of possible errors of seizure and the consequences which would result from it (delays or errors of delivery). If necessary, the costs incurred for the reshipment of the order would be charged to the client;

  • the condition of the packaging and the conformity of the package delivered. The customer must make any reservations on the carrier's delivery slip. If this procedure were not respected, the artist would be released from all responsibility.

The artist reserves the right to refuse to carry out a delivery or to honour any order emanating from a customer who would not have regulated completely his preceding order or with which a litigation of payment would be in the course of administration.

Particular Conditions

If the work ordered is to be exhibited punctually in a gallery for a given period, determined by contract, it can only be delivered to the buyer, who will be informed of this when the order is placed, at the end of the exhibition period.

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